#PizzaTasteOff2015….in PANTS?!

Heeeeeyyyyaaaa!!! This is my very first post and I am so excited it’s about pizza! Pizza is one of my all time favorite foods.  I recently joined a group called the “North Iowa Bloggers.” It’s a fantastic group of individuals who all blog about things such as travel, entertainment, food, and fitness. The group gets together often to talk about adventures they are having and what they are blogging about. They also give tricks, tips and advice on how to improve your blog or social media outreach.

ANYWAY! My first adventure with them was the EPIC #PizzaTasteOff2015. We all got together and sampled different pizzas in North Iowa and rated them on what we liked the most! (BIG THANKS TO: Kum & Go, Godfather’s (G-Daddy’s), and Casey’s Pizza for donating pizzas to our review and for having fun with us on Twitter!)

Pizzas I was excited to try include: Godfather’s Chicken Bacon Ranch, Pasta Bella’s Margherita Pizza, Kum & Go’s Breakfast Pizza, Udi’s Frozen Gluten Free Pizza, Casey’s Hamburger Pizza, and Kum & Go’s Taco Pizza. Without further ado….THIS IS WHAT I THINK:


Udi’s – This was a frozen gluten-free pizza bought from Wal-Mart for our gluten-free friends. For me, the crust was too thin. Those of you who know me know I am a crazy Italian lady who loves her bread. SHOW ME THE CARBS. Since it is gluten-free I also thought the texture was a little more grainy than what I would think a “normal” pizza would taste like.  Other than that it tasted like a perfect Margherita Pizza. My favorite part was the mozzarella balls that were melted on top

Kum & Go Taco – First of all let me just say, “Kum & Go gas stations have pizza? Since when?! I worked at a Kum & Go long ago and there was no pizza for me to enjoy then!” I wanted to try their Taco pizza but G-Daddy wanted to interrupt me and tell me that they have the best Taco pizza of all time, but they would let Kum & Go finish. I gave it a shot and Kum & Go’s pizza crust is similar to Godfather’s pizza in that it is a big thicker and can stand for a little while without getting soggy. I will admit that the Kum & Go Taco pizza did not have the zing I thought it would. Unfortunately I felt like it was a hamburger pizza with lettuce thrown on top.

Casey’s General Store – Casey’s has some nice classic pizzas and they are for a good price. I’ve had their pepperoni pizzas plenty of times as they are right down the street for my home and my husband is an avid pepperoni pizza man. Tonight I tried their Hamburger Pizza. It’s great if you’re looking to have a simple pizza but aren’t into the spiciness of the sausage. It’s the kind of pizza where there are no surprises.


Godfather’s Pizza – G-Daddy’s in Mason City is a major staple in the North Iowa community and the management who run the place have been there for years. I want to say since before I was born. They are so friendly and you can tell it really rubs off on their employees and their employees are equally as friendly and helpful to their customers. They have been running a big campaign with their Chicken Pizzas and tonight they offered us a Chicken Bacon Ranch and Combo Pizza. I tried the Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza and I am going to be honest, when I saw that they were doin’ it big with Chicken Pizzas I was a bit disappointed. I didn’t think a chicken pizza would be very good but man…….

— Mrs.Flint (@FlintKaty) March 11, 2015

I absolutely LOVE their Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza. Definitely going to order it again. The ladies aren’t going to know what to do with themselves because I am a Taco, Sausage, or Pepperoni kind of girl. I am so glad I went out of the box and tried something I was skeptical of! Follow Godfather’s on Twitter and see that they will let me know when a marketing position is open because they love my nick-name for them so much!

Kum & Go – I tried a second Kum & Go pizza. This time around was their Breakfast pizza. It was fun because it had all the fixin’s such as hash browns, eggs, melted cheese, bacon, sausage goodness put onto a beautiful crust. It’s something great to get when you need to grab a bite to eat on your way to work in the morning and it’s delicious. KG Breakfast pizza came in 2nd place in our Taste Off and it was well deserved. It is hard to go wrong with breakfast items for me. It’s my favorite meal of the day but more often gets eaten for dinner. I am so excited to know that Kum & Go has breakfast pizza now because I can just walk down the street on Saturday mornings and get coffee and pizza for my little family for breakfast. (Maybe G-Daddy’s will make one some day?)


Photo by Donna Hup and the Donna Hup Selfie Stick!

Drumroll pppllllleaaaaseee!!!!
PASTA BELLA WINS THE TASTE OFF! Pasta Bella is a new Italian Restaurant in Mason City, IA and all I have been hearing about it their pizza!!! I know they have great pastas and I was excited to hear we had a Pasta Bella entry for the Taste Off. We tried an Italian classic of Margherita pizza which consists of cheese, tomato and sauce. The exciting part about when I tried this pizza was I was instantly taken back to when I went on a month-long journey to Italy in 2010. Although the actual pizza was born in america, The pizza looked like it came straight out of a brick oven in Rome. It also tasted just like the pizza I had when I was in Italy. It. Was. Awesome. Now I know if I ever want to go to Italy again, that I can go to Pasta Bella and have some wine and eat pizza!


Along with pizzas we had many amazing salads including one made by Val Plagge of Corn, Beans, Pigs, and Kids. They butcher their own pigs and make their own bacon!! Talk about thick bacon! check out her blog to see the Overnight Salad she made for our event.



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